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Are IT Support Providers Faking It Till They Make It in San Francisco?

IT Support Providers

A Frame Waiting To Be Filled

IT support in San Francisco can be tenured or novice, but there are a number of reasons to look for a more established option. A new business isn’t going to have the strength or streamlined operational capacity that a tenured operation will. While virtually every business begins in a way that bears some appearance to the weakened empty outline a startup necessarily represents, there comes a time where the corporate structure must be completed, or said financial architecture must be scrapped.

In San Francisco, there is a financial boom reverberating throughout the area. That boom will not last forever, but while it’s on an upswing, there will be countless new IT support firms competing for your business. Some of them are going to have the goods, some will not.

Look For An Office

IT providers that have yet to properly capitalize won’t have any offices or support staff. Checking for this is an easy way to tell whether or not the IT support in San Francisco that you’re considering can deliver as salespeople claim. What you’re looking to avoid are the “one man show” firms which try to fake it till they make it, as the saying goes. These groups often present themselves as large companies, when in reality they’re operating out of a closet somewhere.

Here’s the thing: sometimes that individual IT person may actually have the acumen to serve your business needs cohesively, and a partnership with their burgeoning startup may end up making you privy to substantial financial opportunities later on. Sure, that’s a slot-machine type of gamble (only one player hits the jackpot), but it does pay off on occasion. Still, until it does, if the services of such a one-man-show techie aren’t up to par, you could end up losing thousands. This scenario has a much higher likelihood than the “unicorn startup” one outlined earlier.

To determine if the company you’re using is a startup that can’t handle what it says it can, or is an operation which can handle your needs (regardless of its size), you should go about a process of properly vetting them.

• Verify all claims made by IT salespeople
• Meet at their office
• Meet other employees
• Thoroughly check their references
• Give them a test assignment

The last item on this list needs a little exposition: you’re always going to have IT needs that require the services of such IT firms. Some of them are mission critical, some are not. If you’re in the process of finding new essential IT personnel, keep some of these non-critical IT needs on the back-burner as test fodder for a potential IT company.

A Consolidated Solution

IT support in San Francisco is integral for more reasons than your own business’s profitability. This is a chief necessity, certainly. But San Francisco and Silicon Valley are still at the front of a global technological revolution, on which the economy of the whole country is hinged. By finding the right IT operation, you’re not just helping yourself out, you’re actually doing something that is statistically patriotic. Resource consolidation tends toward profit increase, which tends toward corporate expansion, the creation of jobs, and greater economy.

To that end, OneClick Solutions Group offers quite a few advantages over other local agencies, including a guaranteed return call within minutes from a helpful, professional support staff — who will give a clear explanation of computer issues in non-technical jargon that won’t give you a headache!



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