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When Was the Last Time You Saw Your IT Support Provider in San Francisco?

Absentee IT Service Providers

There is no question that your IT support provider in San Francisco knows how to safeguard your business’s information and data. In regards to customer service, however, many companies are somewhat lacking. The fact is, there are several IT support providers that don’t have very good customer service skills. The representatives of the company have no desire to interact with customers, which is why they rely on technology to handle all tech-related problems remotely.

The reality of the situation is that this can create a rather large problem. After all, the old saying is true — out of sight, out of mind. If you don’t see your IT provider anymore, you may begin to wonder what they are doing for your business and how much time they are spending on your account. Then you may question why you are paying the fees from month to month if you never even see your MSP.

Problems with Absentee IT Service Providers

There are a number of responsibilities an IT service provider has, besides the basic tasks of ensuring your network is up, that there are no viruses present, and that you can access the Internet. A large part of IT services, which is often forgotten, is human interaction. Your IT service provider should be around to teach you about new technology and to help with any issues you may have. If the service provider believes there is no reason to call or come by to check in, it may begin to impact your business’s productivity.

Is Your IT Provider Delivering Great Customer Service?

When did you last interact with your IT support provider in San Francisco? Did you initiate the contact, or did they? Do you only hear from these individuals when a problem is present? If you always have to initiate contact, and you never hear from your IT provider about new technology or services they offer, it may indicate a problem.

If any of that sounds familiar, it may be time to begin thinking about switching your IT service provider. Putting some effort into finding a company that will be there in person, will do walkthroughs for new technology, that loves its clients, and has great customer support skills will help your business thrive and may even increase productivity.

It is important to find a company that is willing to take an active role in your business and know what is going on. This is the only way they will know when updates are needed, when new technology could be beneficial and how to create a better working environment for you. The bottom line is, you need an IT service provider that doesn’t only respond or interact with you when a support ticket is submitted.

At OneClick Solutions Group, we offer a high touch approach. Our IT support representatives in San Francisco will interact with our customers as often as possible to ensure they have the technology and information they need. We understand that IT support is not a one-way relationship. We do much more than just respond to support tickets when they come in.



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