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Time for Windows 10?

Time for Windows 10

Thinking about Making the Switch to Windows 10?

While Windows 8 had a lukewarm reception, the hype around Windows 10 has been somewhat better. Microsoft did away with the confusing structure and went back to the tried and proven techniques that worked with Windows XP. Should a company consider the switch to Windows 10? Our IT support company in San Francisco has seen some of the risks and costs associated with upgrading to Windows 10 from an older system. First, any equipment that is no longer covered under warranty will be a risk to your business and hardware replacement plan. Our IT support company will examine the ship date, expiration, memory and Operating System version to make a recommendation about upgrading to Windows 10.

Before you make the upgrade, we first recommend that business owners understand what they will need it for. You will want to take careful inventory of everything that your company relies upon. After looking at the upgrade, review the hardware and newer solution with Windows 10. Before making the switch, contact every vendor and make sure that their system will work with Windows 10. That can save you a lot of frustration and tears later.

If you do decide to upgrade to Windows 10, consider giving every employee at your company some training. Almost everyone will be somewhat resistant to change because a new system has a learning curve. Without training, the change of a software version can cause a loss of productivity over a prolonged period of time. If you have further questions about Windows 10, our IT support company in San Francisco may be able to help. Call now!



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