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Still on Internet Explorer?

Still on Internet Explorer?

Are You Still Using Internet Explorer? Here’s Why That’s a Bad Idea

In 2014, Microsoft announced that they would no longer give support to Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10. Despite that announcement, experts estimate that there are around 340 million people with outdated versions of Internet Explorer. A few years ago, Internet Explorer saw wild popularity, but it has steady lost its market share to more popular browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox.

Since the release of Windows 10, the new standard has been Microsoft Edge, and that has been praised as a fast yet simple browser from several reviewers. The problem is when you are still running Windows XP, and if you have not upgraded to Internet Explorer 11 or higher, you leave yourself vulnerable to hackers, exploits and viruses. You do not necessarily have to stop using Internet Explorer, but if you fail to upgrade, you will be placing your business data at high risk. Hiring an IT support company in San Francisco can help to point out the vulnerabilities and flaws in your security system. In addition, they can also give you direction on the types of technology that will improve the efficiency of your company.

Some business owners use the excuse that their budget will not allow for new technology, but there’s a real danger to using obsolete technology. Less efficiency and a higher price aside, sometimes developers will stop supporting old technology, and a lot of IT support companies will have better knowledge of how to deal with the newer technology. In general, you want to replace your desktop PC after five to eight years, and you want to replace hardware every three to four years. Our IT support company in San Francisco can give you some expert recommendations.



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