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IT Support in San Francisco – 5 Thinks You Have to Know!

IT Support in San Francisco

Computers break.  We all know this.  It is a simple fact of life for any business owner, or person for that matter.  There are some solutions we use to address this problem.  From just buying another computer to paying a computer store for repairs or having a maintenance plan on the computers.

The problem with a broken computer is it is rarely just the hardware being broken that is the problem.  There is the software or the photos or the work file that was on the system that was worked on for weeks which cannot be retrieved which causes the headache for us, in addition to the cost.

So, when you are looking at IT Support, it is more about the hardware, which leads us to rule number 1 of IT Support in San Francisco:

The Data in your computer is almost always worth more than the computer itself.

This is why we always start every IT Support conversation about data.  Where is it stored?  Is it backed up?  Has anyone tested the backup?  Where is the proof a backup can be restored?  If you can’t get your data, computers breaking compound issues and become much more expensive than just the hardware costs.  Make sure any IT Support plan you are on includes data backup and disaster recovery.  Make sure you test this before the disaster.

More Troubles Should Cost Less, Not More.

If you are having issues all the time with your systems, it is an indication you have a systemic networking issue.  Paying more for poor setup and design is crazy.  Shouldn’t you pay more if everything is working perfectly all the time?

IT Support is an Investment, not a Cost Center

If you don’t need your computers to run your business, then maybe you don’t need formal IT Support services.  However, if you can’t do your business without computers, it proves computers are critical to make money.  The better the system, the more efficient, the more money you can make.  IT should help you maximize your time.

IT Support isn’t Computer Repair

Supporting an IT department or being the IT department for a company rarely involves fix computers with a screwdriver.  IT Support is about designing systems, connecting them together and making it all work flawlessly.  Of course, computers can’t be physically broken, but if they are we call the manufacturers on your behalf and work with them.  We make sure your accounting system is connected to your other systems, that users are locked out of what they need to be locked out of and have access to what they should. We ensure technology can help you start beating your competitors more often.

IT Support has to Involve Network Security

There are so many hackers and so many people trying to do ransomware and other tricks to fleece people out of money.  Because of the diligent efforts on the parts of so many to mess up your computers, you need proper setup, firewalls, and controls to ensure the safety of your network.

If you are looking for IT Support in San Francisco, we would love to help you out.  Give us a call today!!



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