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Checking Your Smartphone to Avoid Expensive Overages

Checking Your Smartphone to Avoid Expensive Overages

small-business-itChecking Your Smartphone Settings to Avoid Data Overages

In the coming years, the use of the smartphone shows few signs of slowing down. In fact, data from the Pew Research Center suggests the opposite. In 2011, only 35 percent of American adults used a smartphone. Today, in 2016, 90 percent of American adults have a smartphone and 32 percent own an e-reader. Nevertheless, like one San Francisco family found out, the cost of being too reliant on your smartphone can be costly. They had to fork over $2,000 for a monthly bill because of the iPhone feature that called WiFi Assist.

It’s the standard of the Apple iOS 9.1 operating system, and it ensures that customers always have access to the fastest smartphone speeds through cellular data that switched when a WiFi signal grows weak. While it is a brilliant feature when you get stuck in a data dead zone, if you do not have a phone plan that covers unlimited data, you could have to shell out a lot more cash.

What can you do to avoid data overages? First, turn off WiFi Assist and other apps that demand a lot of data. You can also set the data heavy apps such as streaming music and videos to use only WiFi in similar setting. Also, turn off your background apps because that can add up to your monthly data charges, and it will eat your battery life faster. Business owners will often have a lot of apps on their phone for running their business from the mobile, and you have to understand the productive apps from the unessential ones. Knowing what each app costs in terms of data is the best way to avoid a $2,000 phone bill. Our IT Support company in San Francisco can help if there are questions about reducing the risk of data overages.



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