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What is Your Data Backup Plan?

Data Backup Plan

Data Backup PlanIs your data backed up and secure?  We take pride in offering IT solutions that work for any size of business.  First of all, we work with your team to see what you already have that is working (why pay for stuff you don’t need, right?)  Once we look at what you have, we look at vulnerabilities.  Why?  Because if all your data is gone, it is likely within the next year, so is your business!

  • You could miss all your AP or AR records
  • You could lose your customer database
  • You could lose all the files employees have been working on for months, and re-doing those files could take months costing you the customers you already have
  • If you are already profitable, but not really profitable, you may not be able to afford what you need before you finally get money from the insurance companies

So, there is a real risk in your business.  If data is compromised or lost, your business is more likely than not to go out of business.

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