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Managed IT Services in San Francisco

Managed IT Services in San Francisco

What is managed IT Services?

Managed Services is managing the computer architecture of a computer network at a fixed cost.  If you company has lots of computers on site, and you are paying a team to manage these computers, you can look at outsourcing this work to OneClick Solutions Group.

We support a wide array of clients and help them manage their computers and their servers, including their emails and applications for their companies.  We work to understand the critical systems of your company to ensure their have 100% availability and reliability.

One of the keys to effective managed IT Services is have pro-active systems in place which lets us know an issue is coming before it happens.  We can see a disk is failing, we can see what software is unlicensed, we can see the servers are hitting their data load, etc.

Give us a call if you would like to chat about managed IT Services in San Francisco.



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