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Seven warnings about Windows 8

Howdy Folks,

OneClick would like to take some time to talk about Windows 8. Here are some bullet points about Windows 8 you should know:

  • We do NOT recommend getting Windows 8 for business at this time.  We have found there is a bit of a learning curve to the new Metro style interface. There are also some bugs that need to be addressed. We don’t want to say it is the new Vista but, well, it is the new Vista. Remember those fun times? 🙂
  • Microsoft’s goal with Windows 8 is to try and tie together their Windows 8 desktop and Windows 8 Phone/Surface Table with backend cloud services to have a more unified experience. The drawback is that the OS is definitely geared towards phone/tablet operation at the sacrifice of the desktop experience we all are familiar with.
  • We do recommend at the minimum that you wait until Service Pack 1 for Windows 8 is released.
  • We are finding it increasingly difficult to purchase computers without Windows 8 but not impossible. Please get OneClick involved with new computer purchases.
  • Good news is that Windows 8 can run legacy versions of all the software you currently use on Windows XP and 7.
  • NOTE: There are two Major versions of Window 8! Windows 8 Pro and Windows 8 RT (aka their new Phone and “Surface” which is their Tablet)
  • Windows 8 RT (Surface) can NOT run your office applications. It can only run Windows 8 apps.

If you can’t wait and absolutely MUST have Windows 8, please talk with us and at least watch this tutorial before getting started:


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